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WP8 Rises as Blackberry Falls

March 8, 2013

So, despite my rather pessimistic assessment of Nokia and the WindowsPhone OS, last year, it does appear that this would-be player may actually still be in the running.

Of course, as things stand, no one is suggesting that it is anywhere near able to challenge either iOS or Android, but it does increasingly look as if it will be overtaking RIM's Blackberry OS this year.

Meanwhile, Blackberry appears to be in a terminal free-fall. Plagued with legal and technical problems with its key messaging system in recent years, it has failed to date to bring back its dwindling userbase. This hasn't been helped by its inability to maintain a consistent...


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Dumb terminals get intelligence. Phones become smart phones. Tablets sprout keyboards and become collapsible laptops. So much for the "post-PC" way of thinking.

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And there`s life in Windows too


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